11th July 2020

Dear friends,

We began this lockdown in March and who would have guessed that it would have gone on this long? It was so sudden and has been so difficult for so many in our community and far beyond and I think all of us were left a little bemused and stunned. Over sixteen weeks have gone by and here we are living a new ‘normal’ and having to work out how we keep in touch and also how we move forward into the next chapter.

Not everything has been bad and we have managed to keep in touch in new and creative ways and we have supported people the best we could. Thank you for everything you have done to keep in touch with lots of phone calls, zoom calls, and continuing to produce and deliver our parish magazine. Thank you to the choir and their online rehearsals, quizzes and chats. Thank you everybody and if there are people who we haven’t contacted I am very sorry.

The latest Government advice is that from the 4th July places of worship can re open again for worship.

St Thomas’ is already open for private prayer on Wednesdays and Sundays at the moment and we are seeing people come slowly. back into church. On the 4th July we celebrated the wedding of Joseph and Amy which was very special despite restrictions to numbers and social distancing guidelines being in place.

At our online PCC meeting on Monday evening we discussed the possibilities of opening for public worship. As a PCC we came to the decision to delay opening for public services but we will continue to review this situation closely over the following weeks.

We are wanting to be cautious in our response as…

  • we have many in the congregation who are over 70 years old and also vulnerable.
  • Social distancing guidelines continue to be in place and we have very limited capacity in church to be able to welcome everybody back into church.
  • we are called to clean any spaces after people have gathered in them to reduce the potential risk of spreading the virus. At the moment finding people who are safely able to do this is difficult.

We are continuing to provide Morning Prayer and Compline services on our Youtube channel ‘Worship from St Thomas’ and also we are starting to offer an interactive worship experience on Zoom for Sunday mornings. If you haven’t received an invitation to join the zoom service please contact me on tracyward6@ntlworld.com or tel: 0161 312 9861.

We also have teaching sessions planned over the coming week/s on the same Youtube channel with the opportunity to join in a live discussion each week. Again please contact me for further details.

For young families we have started to offer Bible Bedtime stories at 6.30pm on Sunday evenings via zoom. Again contact me if you are interested in further information.

The website is continuing to be developed with new resources added each week for all ages. Our Facebook page has lots of information on there and is a great way to stay in touch with people and the parish.

I look forward to the day when we can celebrate together once again in church.

Until then may God hold you close,


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Then as each broadcast is starting you will get an invitation to click on the notification to join live. 

WHAT WE ARE MISSING – The fun of the Mellor Church Fête

With all this lovely weather we have been having we are thinking back to another sunny and very memorable day in our community calendar – the MELLOR CHURCH FETE. It was a really hot day with a gentle breeze and lots of fun was had by all. There were lots of activities like the dog show where proud owners could boast of having the dog with the prettiest legs. There was the commemoration of the 50 years of the moon landing where you could fire your teddy bear into space with a giant catapult. We had some fine ales lined up in the beer tent and some lovely food stalls. Lots of arts and crafts were on sale and great challenge games to play which involved jumping, throwing, etc. Of course there were the Rose Queen celebrations which have been a tradition at Mellor for generations along with a magnificent well dressing. A day to celebrate everything that is good in our community.

This year, for obvious reasons, we can’t hold the Fête so we thought we could at least remind ourselves of the fun we had by opening a special celebration webpage on our website (https://mellorchurch.org/rose-queen/) for you to enjoy. We have asked the community to send along their pictures. Maybe you can spot yourself on there!

While you are there maybe you would like to listen to some of our daily YouTube posts which have services and interesting thoughts posted for you to ponder on. (see the link on the home page https://mellorchurch.org/).

We hope the photos of the Fête bring a smile to your face. We look forward to next year’s Fête and we invite you to help us achieve this by sending a donation (see below). The Fête is very popular and you have been generous each year in coming and spending your money to help us keep going as your community church in the future (it brought in a vital £10,000 last year!). We will be struggling without you this year and hope you can help us through to next year.

Looking forward already to next year’s Fête!

Many thanks

Mellor Church Parochial Church Council

Let’s “celebrate what we are missing. You are invited to make a donation:  

You can:

Just Click Donate for the fête and fill in how much you would like to give;   OR

Send a cheque to Parish Office, Church Road, Mellor, SK6 5LX (Payable ‘Mellor PCC’, address on back)


If you would like to support the work of the church, as we support the people in the parish of Mellor and Marple Bridge and in the wider diocese, there are various ways to donate:

  1. Click here to donate. (If eligible, please tick ‘Gift Aid’ option after payment).
  2. Cheques payable to ‘Mellor PCC’ may be sent to: The Treasurer, Mellor Parish Office, Church Road, Mellor, Stockport, Cheshire, SK6 5LX
  3. For information on regular giving schemes or giving online, please contact the Parish Office at office@mellorchurch.org, or phone 0161-484 5079

Thank you.

Who are we?

St Thomas’ Church is the parish church for Mellor and Marple Bridge. We are part of the wider Diocese of Chester which is part of The Church of England.
There have been settlements on this site since Iron Age times which offers visitors spectacular views across Stockport and Manchester and on a good day views of the Welsh Hills.

What are we about?

At the heart of any church though is the people. We would love to offer you a warm welcome when you visit us at the ‘Church on the Hill’.
We provide a breathing space where all people can come with their questions and doubts. We explore together how to live out the Christian faith in today’s world. Finding ways to see the sacred in the ordinariness of daily life.

Coming together each week to celebrate the Eucharist is an important part of our worship which is supported by our amazing choir.
We are passionate that all are valued and respected for who they are as beloved children of God and are thankful for all the gifts and talents that people offer to the life and well being of our community and the wider world.

An Open Church

St Thomas’ in Mellor and its Parish Centre is usually OPEN everyday – all are welcome to enjoy this beautiful breathing space for private prayer, rest, meditation or just a few quiet moments.

This is the local parish church and it’s for you and yours …