St Thomas’ Church, Mellor Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults Policy and Procedures


As members of this church, we commit ourselves to the nurturing, protection and safekeeping of all, especially children and young people and vulnerable adults. It is the responsibility of each one of us to prevent the physical, sexual, emotional and spiritual abuse of children and young people or vulnerable adults and to report any abuse discovered or suspected. We further recognise that our work with children and young people or vulnerable adults is the responsibility of the PCC and of the whole church


    1. The PCC is directly responsible for the following groups which include children and young people:- Church Choir, Vestry/Ventures Groups, Rose Queen (See also Appendix 1).
    2. The following groups who hire the Parish Centre will satisfy the PCC that they have a Safeguarding Children Policy: Mellor Guides, Karate, Twins Club, Toddler Group, Rhythm Time.
    3. Validation; Leaders aged 18 or over working with children and young people will be required to complete the Chester Diocesan Declaration and to provide two references using the Diocesan Safeguarding Children Policy form.
    4. Church Wardens will also satisfy the requirements in 3.
    5. Completed declaration forms and references will be confidential to and securely held by the Safeguarding Co-ordinator. CRB/DBS checks will be confidential to and securely held by the incumbent or in the event of a vacancy, by the Rural Dean or Archdeacon.
    6. The PCC will use the required methods of checking all leaders and churchwardens.
    7. The PCC requires groups listed in 2 to provide, in writing; a list of current leaders and details of their roles. When and where the group meets, its normal working pattern and the age range it covers.
    8. Permission will be obtained from parents/guardians before any child appears in a photograph or before any video or web-cam image is taken or footage recorded. Children or young people under 18 should not be identified by name or other personal details.
    9. The PCC will work to the Diocese of Chester ‘Safeguarding Children Policy and Procedures 2011’
    10. The PCC will carry public liability insurance of at least £5m and will insure all leaders and staff under paragraph 2 for personal accident.
    11. The PCC will send a copy of this document to the Diocesan Safeguarding Children Committee as required.
    12. This Policy and Procedures Document will be monitored by the Safeguarding Children Co-ordinator who will report annually to the PCC.
    13. The PCC will annually review the policy and procedures.
    14. The PCC will also adopt the Chester Diocese Safeguarding and Vulnerability Policy and Procedures (‘Safe in our Care’) and will implement all relevant new recommendations.
    15. More comprehensive details can be obtained from the following websites

Diocese of Chester Safeguarding Website

Church of England Safeguarding Website

Appendix 1
The children and young people of the church visit The Peak Centre in Edale for one weekend each year. The organisation and responsibility for the weekend is shared by designated adults who are working with one of the three groups named in paragraph 1.
The children and young people who are members of the Church Choir may also be involved in several residential visits during the course of the year. The safeguarding responsibility for this is shared by the Choir Pastoral Team.