WHAT WE ARE MISSING – The fun of the Mellor Church Fête

With all this lovely weather we have been having we are thinking back to another sunny and very memorable day in our community calendar – the MELLOR CHURCH FETE. It was a really hot day with a gentle breeze and lots of fun was had by all. There were lots of activities like the dog show where proud owners could boast of having the dog with the prettiest legs. There was the commemoration of the 50 years of the moon landing where you could fire your teddy bear into space with a giant catapult. We had some fine ales lined up in the beer tent and some lovely food stalls. Lots of arts and crafts were on sale and great challenge games to play which involved jumping, throwing, etc. Of course there were the Rose Queen celebrations which have been a tradition at Mellor for generations along with a magnificent well dressing. A day to celebrate everything that is good in our community.

This year, for obvious reasons, we can’t hold the Fête so we thought we could at least remind ourselves of the fun we had by opening a special celebration webpage on our website (https://mellorchurch.org/rose-queen/) for you to enjoy. We have asked the community to send along their pictures. Maybe you can spot yourself on there!

While you are there maybe you would like to listen to some of our daily YouTube posts which have services and interesting thoughts posted for you to ponder on. (see the link on the home page https://mellorchurch.org/).

We hope the photos of the Fête bring a smile to your face. We look forward to next year’s Fête and we invite you to help us achieve this by sending a donation (see below). The Fête is very popular and you have been generous each year in coming and spending your money to help us keep going as your community church in the future (it brought in a vital £10,000 last year!). We will be struggling without you this year and hope you can help us through to next year.

Looking forward already to next year’s Fête!

Many thanks

Mellor Church Parochial Church Council

Let’s “celebrate what we are missing. You are invited to make a donation:  

You can:

Just Click Donate for the fête and fill in how much you would like to give;   OR

Send a cheque to Parish Office, Church Road, Mellor, SK6 5LX (Payable ‘Mellor PCC’, address on back)