Parish Centre Management Committee

 This committee meets around 6 times per year.  Smaller sub-groups reporting back to the main committee do much of its work.  Its principal aims and activities are:-

  • the maintenance of the Centre building, its contents and its grounds
  • to approve and control all revenue expenditure related to the Centre
  • to maintain separate Centre accounts in conjunction with the PCC Treasurer
  • to authorise in conjunction with the PCC treasurer capital expenditure, within the resources generated by the Centre or specifically for the Centre
  • to look after Health & Safety matters and other legislative requirements for the Centre
  • to look after all day to day management matters of the Centre
  • to investigate complaints about the Centre
  • to maximise income generation both from fund raising, grants, increased use, etc.

The mainly fund raising committee of the Friends of the Parish Centre reports directly to this committee.  It raises considerable amounts of money each year and this is mainly for use in maintaining the structure and decoration of the Centre.


Peter Lowe   (Chairperson Management Committee)

Kevin Felstead   (Chairperson Friends Committee)