The Church plays a significant role in the communities of Mellor and Marple Bridge and supports many local activities and businesses. We publish a monthly magazine called Outlook and over 600 issues are distributed each month throughout the parish by a friendly, smiling group of volunteers. The current cost is £1.00 an issue, or £10.00 for an annual subscription.

Many local businesses advertise in Outlook and report an excellent response to the moderate cost of advertising.  If you wish to advertise in Outlook please contact the office. Please support these businesses if possible and tell them that you have found them through Outlook.  However please note that the inclusion in this part of our website, or the magazine, does not amount to an endorsement of the business!

Outlook is available to read on the website by clicking on the link below.


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If you enjoy reading it and would like to subscribe then please contact the office on office@mellorchurch.org