How do we ‘do and be’ Church away from the church building?

That is the challenge for us today as we have to ‘learn to do church differently’.

God is with us in the many spaces we occupy in our daily lives. Whether that is in the home, or in the workplace, school or in hospital.

Can we make a space in our daily lives to encounter God where we are right now?

Below are resources to nurture your faith, wherever that may be…

ROOTS at home: 19-25 July 

This week, we’re turning to Matthew 13.24-30, 36-43 when Jesus tells a seed-related parable about the Kingdom of God. This week’s resources explore how God is working in an imperfect world.

Resources for adults

Resources for families with children and teenagers

Roots 26.7.

Themed family prayers: kindness

For families this week, we have prayers and prayer activities on the theme of kindness – including a rainbow prayer activity.

You may have seen on the news that the Archbishop of Canterbury led the UK’s ‘largest-ever school assembly’ on Thursday 30 April. This was the first Collective Worship at Oak National Academy, an online resource to support teachers, pupils and parents while schools are closed.

The Church of England, one of our ecumenical partners, is working with Oak National Academy as part of the Church’s #faithathome initiative. Each Thursday there will be a live assembly with a weekly theme.

To support #faithathome, ROOTS has compiled resources to help families at home explore the themes in a Christian context. If you work with schools or families who are following the Oak National Academy assemblies, please do share these resources!

Find out more: ROOTS resources for Oak National Academy

Exploring the theme of ‘courage’ with children

Last Friday, Oak National Academy broadcast two Collective Worship sessions on the theme of courage – one for primary and one for secondary students. Produced by the Church of England’s #faithathome team, they’re suitable for children of all faiths and none.

In collaboration with the CofE #faithathome team, ROOTS has put together prayers and prayer activities to help families explore courage further in a Christian context – including a sandal prayer activity.

View: ROOTS #faithathome resources for ‘courage’