We offer you our sympathy at this time of bereavement.

Funerals and Memorial Services
We hold funerals and memorial (or thanksgiving) services at St Thomas’ Mellor for all residents of this parish, and by arrangement for others who have a connection with this parish.  We also conduct services at a crematorium if requested.

In the first instance, we suggest that you contact a local Funeral Director who will be able to make enquiries and arrangements on your behalf.  The Funeral Director will then contact the Vicar here, who will visit you to discuss arrangements for the funeral.

Burials (including Burials of Ashes)
We have a churchyard at St. Thomas’ where we can offer burials to anybody who is normally a resident of, or who dies in, this parish.  We are also able to conduct burials for people without such a connection in an existing family grave here, if there is space.  Sadly we do not have the capacity to offer burials to people outside these categories.

If you wish to arrange for a burial of ashes directly with the church, please contact the Vicar, Tracy Ward or email the office on office@mellorchurch.org

What will the funeral cost?
The fee for the church element of a funeral is set nationally each year.  The fee for a funeral service, in church or at the crematorium, is £206.00 in 2022.  Please be aware that there are additional charges for burial or cremation; for Funeral Directors’ services; and for optional extras such as flowers, service sheets or an organist.

A bereavement is a difficult time, and we would wish to offer you our caring support throughout the process of arranging the funeral.

For more information please click this link – ChurchOfEnglandFunerals.org

Please contact the parish office at office@mellorchurch.org