Congratulations on your new arrival!
We are delighted that you are thinking about arranging a baptism at St. Thomas’ Church, Mellor. Here’s some basic information that we hope will help:

What’s the difference between a christening and a baptism?
There is no difference; they are different names for the same ceremony.

Can we bring our child for baptism at St. Thomas’?
Yes of course!  Generally speaking, the Church of England encourages people to go to their own parish church for baptisms and to get to know the people there.  However, you remain free to choose where you would like to go for baptism, and we welcome people from within and outside this parish.  (If you live outside the parish, we let your local parish priest know about the baptism as a matter of courtesy.)

What age should you be for baptism?
Any age at all.

What will the baptism service cost?
There is no charge for a baptism service.

Do I have to be a Christian myself?
Not necessarily, but you do have to understand that your child is becoming a member of the church and be willing to support him or her in growing in faith.  Godparents must have been baptised themselves before they can act as a godparent to someone else. If you are uncertain, please do contact the Vicar who will talk it through with you.

What about a Thanksgiving for the Gift of a Child?
The Church also offers a different service called Thanksgiving for the Gift of a Child. This service is provided for a number of different occasions:

  • the private celebration of a birth or adoption, at home or in church with only family and close friends present;
  • the public celebration of the birth or adoption of a number of children, perhaps in church on a Sunday afternoon;
  • the public celebration of the birth or adoption of a number of children as part of a main Sunday act of worship.

It is designed to meet the needs of:

  • parents who see this as a preliminary to Baptism;
  • parents who do not wish their children to be baptized immediately;
  • others, who do not ask for Baptism, but who recognize that something has happened for which they wish to give thanks to God.

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What do I do next?
Please contact the Parish Office (weekday mornings on 0161 484 5079 or to discuss possible dates.  For any other queries, please contact the Vicar and she will be happy to answer your questions.  The Vicar meets all baptism families personally before the Big Day.