Pastoral care

Building a Support Network…

Jesus was once asked ‘ What is the greatest commandment’. His reply’ To love your neighbour’

These words of wisdom and love have never been more important and over the last 10 months we have seen real love for neighbour and friends shown across many communities and none more so than our own community here in Mellor and Marple Bridge.

Reaching out to another person, even through a simple phone call or a smile and hello in the street can make someones day. Knowing that somebody cares about you can possibly be the most important part of your day. At St Thomas Church we would like to be able to offer simple, friendly support to all our neighbours whoever they are. If you know of anyone who is unwell or isolated or who might appreciate a phone call please contact Lesley Futcher on 0161 449 0977 and she will ask someone from church to get in touch.